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"debug mode" for config(1)

Is there a "debug" mode available for config?

I would like to know why a particular source file is being included in my kernel. :)

The file in question is net/zlib.c and the only reference I can locate for this file is in sys/conf/files

file    net/zlib.c     (ppp & ppp_deflate) | opencrypto | vnd_compression

As I understand the configuration syntax, this means that the file is required when any of the other "conditions" are included in the kernel.

I don't have ppp or vnd in this kernel, and I can't seem to find any other component that would reference opencrypto. I've searched through all of the "files", "files.*", "std", and "std.*" files within src/sys and nothing appears to bring in opencrypto. (The only one that looked even remotely relevant was sys/netipsec/files.netipsec but I do not have IPSEC in this kernel, either.)

Yet, net/zlib and all the other opencrypto objects are part of the compiled kernel.

So, how do I find out why net/zlib is included in the kernel?

Why do I care, if everything works? Well, VND_COMPRESSION is defined when building src/sys/modules/vnd/ and that appears to require access to the stuff in net/zlib.c. But net/zlib.c is not linked as part of the module, so loading the module would/should fail if the appropriate symbols/routines are not available in the kernel. So it would seem that some mechanism needs to exist to ensure that the zlib stuff can be made available, perhaps as a separate module (similar to the way that the dev/dksubr.c stuff is now available for use in the vnd, cgd, and ccd modules).

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