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Re: RTL8168G

> I ported the changes in FreeBSD SVN r257305 that add support for
> RTL8168G.  This works except for the RX path.  When I netboot; an
> unpatched NetBSD re(4) works for TX and RX.  Any ideas?

>         Jonathan Kollasch

I have an on-motherboard (MSI Z77 MPOWER) Ethernet, Realtek 8111E or RTL8168 or 
something in that re(4) category.

I just looked with pciconf -l: chip=0x816810ec

FreeBSD recognizes it but can't make the connection.  OpenBSD 5.4 and 
DragonFlyBSD 3.6.0 live USBs recognize this Ethernet but, similar to FreeBSD, 
produce similar errors when I try to connect.  Linux (System Rescue CD 3.6.0 on 
USB stick) and NetBSD (6.99.23 and recent 6.1_STABLE) amd64 connect OK.

Look at the differences and port from NetBSD to FreeBSD?

Saving grace on MSI Z77 MPOWER motherboard is Hiro H50191 USB-stick wireless 
adapter, chipset RTL8191SU, that works in FreeBSD stable/10 and HEAD with 
device rsu.


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