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Re: READ ME: updating mpc, mpfr, and eventually gmp

Matt Sporleder asks:

> What is your command?
> Did the build ever work?

Latest command was

===> command:    ./ -m amd64 -M ../obj.amd64.llvm -B 
nb20131214-llvm -T ../tooldir.amd64.llvm -V MKLLVM=yes -V HAVE_LLVM=yes -V 
MKLIBCXX=yes -U -j 9 distribution kernel=GENERIC

I don't use llvm/clang all the time.

I was able to build 6.99.23 and before that.

There was something in the original post on this thread about cleaning both the 
tools and normal build directories.

So maybe I need to clean out the tools directory 
(/BETA1/netbsd-HEAD/usr/src/tools) except for the CVS subdirectory?

Or maybe clear the entire /BETA1/netbsd-HEAD/usr/src directory and build 
directories in /BETA1/netbsd-HEAD/usr but preserving log files and CVS 


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