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Re: READ ME: updating mpc, mpfr, and eventually gmp

On Dec 15, 2013, at 6:34 AM, "Thomas Mueller" 
<> wrote:

>>> This is in particular a sudden inability to build NetBSD-current from 
>>> source.
>> Those happen, and are usually fixed by reading UPDATING and doing what it
>> recommends (or in the case of obvious breaks, waiting a day, updating and
>> running the build again).
>> -current is built by umpteen people (like eg me), and on current and
>> releases and .. my Azubi even managed to build release on Linux with very
>> little coaching, it's not hard, usually.
>> If you can't get it built using with fairly simple mk.conf -ever-
>> (and not just "this one checkout"), there's something wrong with your
>> machine or installation.
>>> Until I see information about an update of base gcc, I don't plan to try
>>> any more using base gcc.  I could try to build gcc-aux or gcc48 from pkgsrc
>>> and use that, if build is successful.  I think I could set HOST_CC and
>>> HOST_CXX to tell the build to use that in place of base gcc.
>> That is IMO asking for interesting times.
>> regards,
>>        spz
> My /etc/mk.conf is geared to pkgsrc, I don't see anything relevant to 
> building the system.
> There was a suggestion to set -std=c++0x or -std=gnu0x; I could use 11 in 
> place of 0x but don't know where to put it.
> In a special make.conf?  Or command line?
> I think I may need to wait more than a day on NetBSD-current.
> I just got through a successful "make buildworld" on FreeBSD 10-stable 
> (prerelease).
> I see on
> in the command line, there is a reference to 
> /home/builds/etc/make.conf
> but no clue what's in this make.conf.
> Knowing that might possibly be helpful.
>> Given that it runs at the end of the build, it probably didn't. It
>> seems almost certain that you have bad hardware.
> --
>> David A. Holland
> Or NetBSD is not fit for my hardware.  FreeBSD is much stabler, I don't get 
> the comical crashes that I get with NetBSD.
> If with NetBSD-current I have USB keyboard and mouse and use more than one 
> virtual terminal, keyboard is likely to stop functioning, though not 
> immediately.
> Usually I can get the keyboard back by unplugging the mouse, but once a few 
> hours ago, the system crashed with a spew of green trouble messages 
> ehci-related (meaning USB 2.0). 
> Tom

What is your command?

Did the build ever work?

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