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ahcisata1 port 0: SERR 0x0

Recently, I've been noticing these messages during system startup (and possibly during shutdown). They may have been around for a while, but I've noticed them.

        # dmesg | grep ahcisata1
        ahcisata1 at jmide0
        ahcisata1: AHCI revision 1.0, 2 ports, 32 slots, CAP
        atabus8 at ahcisata1 channel 0
        atabus9 at ahcisata1 channel 1
        ahcisata1 port 0: device present, speed: 1.5Gb/s
        cd0(ahcisata1:0:0): using PIO mode 4, DMA mode 2, Ultra-DMA mode 5
        (Ultra/100) (using DMA)
        ahcisata1 port 0: SERR 0x0
        ahcisata1 port 0: SERR 0x0

They really aren't harming anything, since I almost never use the cd drive, but I was wondering if anyone else has seen these recently? Do these messages indicate a failing cd drive? Or a failing controller card?

The controller is an JMicron JMB363 add-in:

        # dmesg | grep jmide0
        jmide0 at pci4 dev 0 function 0: vendor 0x197b product 0x2363 (rev. 
        jmide0: 1 PATA port, 2 SATA ports
        jmide0: interrupting at ioapic1 pin 8
        ahcisata1 at jmide0
        jmide0: PCI IDE interface used
        jmide0: bus-master DMA support present
        jmide0: primary channel wired to native-PCI mode
        jmide0: primary channel is unused
        jmide0: secondary channel wired to native-PCI mode
        jmide0: secondary channel is PATA
        atabus10 at jmide0 channel 1

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