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Re: Another build break on amd64

Alistair Crooks <> writes:

> And the counter argument goes:
> + make it difficult for people to commit, and no-one will commit

I agree with a lot of your points in the abstract.  But it's a question
of degree.  I didn't say anything (that I remember) in June and July,
when breakage was at reasonable levels:

But in August, it has not been rare for breakage to last more than a few
hours - by eyeball it looks like the tree was unbuildable (on i386)
about 25% of the time.

> + building is only the tip of the iceberg. What's next? complaints that
> software doesn't work, fsvo "working"

Well, there have been complaints about significant increases in the
number of ATF failing test cases, which I think is a valid complaint.

> + it is asking too much for people to be able to get things right 100% of
> the time on all NetBSD platforms, what with unsigned chars vs signed chars,
> 32 vs 64bit, big endian and little endian, etc.
> Some believe that -current should build at all times. I believe that that
> view is not possible with the diverse set of areas in which people are
> developing.

I didn't mean to demand 100%.  But I do think we should strive for
better than 75%, with the result that many commits are made during
periods of unbuildability (and therefore untestability for bisecting

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