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Re: Another build break on amd64

Paul Goyette <> writes:

>> On Aug 20,  3:09pm, Paul Goyette wrote:
>> } Subject: Another build break on amd64
>>     Given that there is an automated system for reporting build failures
>> (complete with output about the failure), why do you post these messages?
>> }-- End of excerpt from Paul Goyette
>> !DSPAM:5213f2175501016249552!

Another way to look at this is: why are there so many failures, and what
are we doing about that?   The actual build breaks cause far more effort
on the part of others total than a few mail messages.   While an
occasional failure is one thing, the tree being unbuildable for more
than a few hours leads to other people making untested commits and a
lack of ability to figure out which of those caused other problems.

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