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Re: Another build break on amd64

Hi Greg,

We've been over this a number of times, but I'd like the other side
of the coin to turn up on any web searches, etc.

On Tue, Aug 20, 2013 at 07:06:27PM -0400, Greg Troxel wrote:
> Paul Goyette <> writes:
> >> On Aug 20,  3:09pm, Paul Goyette wrote:
> >> } Subject: Another build break on amd64
> >>
> >>     Given that there is an automated system for reporting build failures
> >> (complete with output about the failure), why do you post these messages?
> >>
> >> }-- End of excerpt from Paul Goyette
> >>
> >> !DSPAM:5213f2175501016249552!
> Another way to look at this is: why are there so many failures, and what
> are we doing about that?   The actual build breaks cause far more effort
> on the part of others total than a few mail messages.   While an
> occasional failure is one thing, the tree being unbuildable for more
> than a few hours leads to other people making untested commits and a
> lack of ability to figure out which of those caused other problems.

And the counter argument goes:

+ make it difficult for people to commit, and no-one will commit

+ if you want a stable branch, you know where to find it

+ if you want an up-to-date set of sources from -current that builds,
then autobuild has them (as well as binaries)

+ assume good intentions at all times - no-one intentionally breaks any
builds, since they get way more heat than is due nowadays

+ building is only the tip of the iceberg. What's next? complaints that
software doesn't work, fsvo "working"

+ it is rare for the offending build breakage to last more than a few hours

+ it is asking too much for people to be able to get things right 100% of
the time on all NetBSD platforms, what with unsigned chars vs signed chars,
32 vs 64bit, big endian and little endian, etc.

Some believe that -current should build at all times. I believe that that
view is not possible with the diverse set of areas in which people are

It is great that we have both Paul and the automated build system
keeping us honest, and thanks to them for their efforts in this area.
Definitely much appreciated.


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