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Re: /etc/ttys defaults, was Persistent green messages interrupting console on NetBSD 6.99.19 i386

Johnny Billquist <> writes:

> Just to once more point this out - etcupdate is not too aggressive. It
> never overwrites anything, unless explicitly instructed to do so.
> etcupdate is very interactive. It is not a batch tool. Any changes
> suggested needs to be approved by the person running etcupdate.
> In my view, etcupdate is the best tool I've encountered for the
> job. However, it does require you to actually read, understand, and
> act upon a lot of information. It is not a good tool for someone who
> don't know what's in /etc, and it is not a good tool for the
> impatient. But it will actually allow you to merge your local changes
> with the changes introduced in the system distribution, in the way
> that you actually want the end result to be, and skip parts that you
> don't agree with.

For a clueful person updating one machine, I think your view has a lot
of merit.  But for someone who is updating 50 machines, interactive
leads to annoyance which leads to overwriting files unintentionally.
And I thinks omeone who desn't know the gory details will also make
unintentional changes.  My 'too aggressive' comment should have been
about the combination of etcupdate and real users.

I think that there really needs to be a default workflow that is not
interactive and has reasonable results.  I think that requires storing
the previous pure etc.tgz contents to allow three-way merging, but
that's a small price to pay for reduced thinking.  (My current approach
is to run etcmanage and then look at diffs.)

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