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Re: Driver for the ST LIS302DL MEMS motion sensor


On 13/03/2013 23:40, Paul Goyette wrote:
> I've not seen any i2c devices use iic_establish_intr() before, so I
> wonder if that will actually work.  You should probably check to see if
> your i2c controller even implements interrupt handling - I don't
> remember seeing any...

I have been testing changes to the OMAP i2c driver from Jared, and my
interrupt handler in omapiic(4) does react to keypad presses (through
tps65950pm0 on the i2c bus). So I guess then that I need to complete
this code, and forward the interrupt to be handled by the proper end-driver.

> It might not make much sense here, but most sensors are actually polled
> (via sysmon_envsys calls to the device's xxx_refresh() routine).  You
> might want to provide a xxx_refresh() anyway (and set the timer value).

Well, I would really like to avoid polling on the keypad, and even on
the accelerometer if possible. The chip has interesting features that I
would like to make use of, like click and double-click detection, and
value thresholds. It can also be a nice source of entropy :)


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