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Re: Driver for the ST LIS302DL MEMS motion sensor

I've not seen any i2c devices use iic_establish_intr() before, so I wonder if that will actually work. You should probably check to see if your i2c controller even implements interrupt handling - I don't remember seeing any...

It might not make much sense here, but most sensors are actually polled (via sysmon_envsys calls to the device's xxx_refresh() routine). You might want to provide a xxx_refresh() anyway (and set the timer value).

On Wed, 13 Mar 2013, Pierre Pronchery wrote:

                        Hi current-users,

I am writing a driver for the ST LIS302DL MEMS motion sensor. This
component can be found on the I2C bus in the Nokia N900 smartphone
hardware, which is where it currently expects to attach:
# Accelerometer
lis302dl0       at iic2 addr 0x1d

It seems to be otherwise available in a number of other hardware
devices, although not always on I2C apparently. The Openmoko Freerunner
features one on the SPI interface for instance:

I am not currently unable to test it besides just attaching, so I will
welcome comments before committing it, and of course suggestions as to
how to make it more portable (eg usable on other buses as well).



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