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Update: Status of ' release' on various ports

With sources updated on 2013-01-12 at 14:37:02 UTC, I have successfully done a ' release' on 17 ports:

        amd64           evbmips64-eb    hp700           sun2
        evbarm-eb       evbmips64-el    i386            vax
        evbarm-el       evbppc          mac68k
        evbmips-eb      evbsh3-eb       sparc
        evbmips-el      evbsh3-el       sparc64

The following ports did not build successfully. (Log files are available if anyone wants to look deeper.) The build failure for port alpha is new for this update; the others are unchanged from previous update:

        alpha           Fails building bin/ps/nlist.o due to a lack of
                        definition of symbol ALPHA_PGSHIFT (previously
                        reported in [1])
        evbearm-el      Missing 'stddef.h' file building rump library
        evbppc64        Kernel modules not installed in the directories
                        expected by the sets-lists
        ia64            Currently fails while creating obj-dirs for
                        libkvm, due to

                                no kvm_xx.c for ia64 nor ia64

The following port is currently disabled due to "structural" issues:

        evbearm-eb      Has toolchain problems (needs mknative?)

I plan to update this status about once every week or two. I've selected the ports to test in order to have (at least) one for each machine architecture; if there are any additional ports that are sufficiently "unique" please let me know and I can include them in future tests.


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