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Re: Status of ' release' on various ports

As part of my on-going testing efforts, I'm running a " release" periodically for many of our NetBSD ports, in an effort to detect any build breaks as soon as possible.

The most recent pass was based on sources that were current as of
2012-12-28 at 03:56:11 UTC

Builds for the following ports completed successfully:

        alpha           evbmips-el      evbsh3-el       sparc64
        amd64           evbmips64-eb    hp700           sun2
        evbarm-eb       evbmips64-el    i386            vax
        evbarm-el       evbppc          mac68k
        evbmips-eb      evbsh3-eb       sparc

The following ports did not build successfully. (Log files are available if anyone wants to look deeper.)

        evbearm-el      Missing 'stddef.h' file building rump library
        evbppc64        Kernel modules not installed in the directories
                        expected by the sets-lists
        ia64            Progress has been made here, and the toolchain
                        now builds.  Currently fails while creating
                        obj-dirs for libkvm, due to

                                no kvm_xx.c for ia64 nor ia64

The following port is currently disabled due to "structural" issues:

        evbearm-eb      Has toolchain problems (needs mknative?)

I plan to update this status about once every week or two. I've selected the ports to test in order to have (at least) one for each machine architecture; if there are any additional ports that are sufficiently "unique" please let me know and I can include them in future tests.

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