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Re: IPFilter issue in -current

On 6 Jan 2013, at 5:32 AM, Darren Reed <> wrote:

> If you can, please try out the attached patch.

That does the trick!

Christos, I see that you applied my version of the patch that Darren just 
re-did. His version is better, so please back out r1.8 of ip_nat.c and apply 
Darren's patch. (I think it's OK to leave the comments added in ip_nat.h, but 
if Darren doesn't take them, too, they will eventually fall out at the next IPF 

I'd also add the following, which includes two changes:

1) All other uses of the bucket index declare it as unsigned, so I've changed 
the declaration of bkt in ipf_nat_delete for consistency.
2) The various ASSERTs in the ipf code seem useful, but are not compiled into 
the NetBSD kernel without an additional change to ip_compat.h. This change will 
cause the ASSERTs to be compiled only into kernels with DIAGNOSTIC defined.

-  Geoff

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