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Re: IPFilter issue in -current

On Nov 28, 2012, at 5:56 AM, (Christos Zoulas) 

>> I wonder if the RBI_* macros are just not thread-safe even when
>> operating on different keys.
> They don't seem to be. I would convert the code to use our <sys/rbtree.h>
> implementation, and lock all operations. Now I am wondering why you are
> the only one seeing this.

Will do.

It's conceivable I'm the only one pushing it this hard in -current. It seemed 
to work just fine in netbsd-5. (Haven't tested 6 stable.) And if you don't push 
this many simultaneous connections through ipnat, the ipf_ht_node_{add,del} 
methods don't seem to be invoked at all. I suspect it will be seen by more 
people if this code makes it to a stable branch.

- Geoff

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