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Re: IPFilter issue in -current

In article <>,
Geoff Adams  <> wrote:
>I've been having some trouble with ipnat. In particular, if a user runs
>a bit torrent client behind the NAT, then after an hour or so, the
>machine (the router) will just hang. (Naturally, this breaks network
>connectivity for everyone.)
>Thinking that IPFilter 5.1.2 might happen to address the problem (I was
>running -current 6.99.4 with ipfilter 5.1.1), I've upgraded to -current
>6.99.15. No real change, except that now it sometimes panics in addition
>to just hanging.
>Here's one panic, before I had a debugging kernel compiled:
>Is there anything more I can provide to help debug this?

Add some printf("%s, %d\n", __FILE__, __LINE__); in ipf_ht_node_{add,del}
to find out exactly where it crashes....


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