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Re: Does re(4) support Realtek 8111E ?

> Looking at the 6.0 release notes it seems that there is no 8111E support in 
> 6.0.
> I'm in the traditional new box situation, except in my case it's a small 
> Shuttle
> SX79R5 so the amount of expansion slots (for network in case of no 8111E 
> support)
> is rather limited.

> I need a box I can bring as carry-on on airplanes, with a 2011 socket, and 
> this
> seems to be the only option available. Hence, I really interested in 8111E 
> support.
> But it looks like the FreeBSD folks haven't completely sorted out the 8111E 
> either
> so I'm a bit concerned that this may turn into a major problem.

> If anyone has any insight in the difficulties/possibilites of Realtek 8111E 
> support
> I'd be very interested to know.

> Regards,

> Johan

It seems my Realtek 8111E, on motherboard, works with NetBSD 6.0.  Checking
/var/run/dmesg.boot , it seemed OK, and nslookup and ftp worked; also cvs.

With NetBSD 5.1_STABLE, I saw a line in /var/run/dmesg.boot

re0: Unknown revision (0x2c800000)

but that also seemed to work OK.  Maybe not all features were supported, 
though I can't confirm that.

You might have got some more responses between the time I got your message
and got to this response, about 27 hours.


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