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Re: Does re(4) support Realtek 8111E ?

This is from a really old thread from summer 2011:

On Jun 18, 2011, at 01:19 , Frank Wille wrote:

> Paul Goyette wrote:
>> It appears that RealTek doesn't provide open access to their datasheets,
>> so I'm wondering if anyone knows if our re(4) driver would handle the
>> RTL8111E? 
> Probably not. At least not all of its features.
> But FreeBSD already has 8111E support included and it seems easy to add.

Looking at the 6.0 release notes it seems that there is no 8111E support in 6.0.
I'm in the traditional new box situation, except in my case it's a small Shuttle
SX79R5 so the amount of expansion slots (for network in case of no 8111E 
is rather limited.

I need a box I can bring as carry-on on airplanes, with a 2011 socket, and this
seems to be the only option available. Hence, I really interested in 8111E 
But it looks like the FreeBSD folks haven't completely sorted out the 8111E 
so I'm a bit concerned that this may turn into a major problem.

If anyone has any insight in the difficulties/possibilites of Realtek 8111E 
I'd be very interested to know.



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