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Re: how to disable 'sending IPv6 router solicitation'

On 29/10/2012 16:28, Saifi Khan wrote:
As a long time Gentoo user ;-) i was wondering how is that with just
one line entry in /etc/conf.d/net


the ipv6 router solicitation does not get triggered.

It probably does, but it needs dhcpcd-5.6.x or newer to work and that isn't in the Gentoo stable tree. Also, depending on how you rolled your kernel you might disable enough to stop IPv6 functioning at all so dhcpcd won't try it.

With the focus back to the options in dhcpcd.conf, the behaviour is
less magicaland helps keep things straight.

Glad to have helped, but out of curiosity why disable IPv6 RS? It just sends a few ICMP packets during the init phase and then stops dead until the link resets so it's hardly a burden on the network unlike the constant polling of DHCPv4 if it's not present.



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