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Re: Can't boot -curent in qemu

On Sun, Apr 15, 2012 at 07:51:06PM -0700, Paul Goyette wrote:
 > I've just taken a clean set of up-to-date sources, backed out the
 > commits in sys/arch/x86/pci/pchb.c rev 1.27 and 1.32 and also
 > backed out rev 1.8 of sys/arch/x86/pci/pchbvar.h
 > Booting a GENERIC kernel does, indeed, attach as expected.  It
 > works on both my Phenom II X6 1090T and "Bulldozer" FX-8150.
 > However, both systems report bogus values.  On the Phenom II system
 > the sensor consitently reports 0 degC.  On the FX-8150 it reports
 > 19.75 C (which is still lower than ambient room temp).
 > Neither system can successfully load the amdtemp module, since the
 > amdnb_miscbus does not have a rescan capability.  I guess you'll
 > need to add the equivalent of pchb.c rev 1.32 into the
 > amdnb_miscbus driver.
 > Would you like me to commit the back-out for pchb.c and pchbvar.h ?
 > If we do this, the automated tests should once again be able to
 > boot ...

IMO, the world has been broken for more than long enough...

David A. Holland

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