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Re: Can't boot -curent in qemu

On Sun, 15 Apr 2012, Christoph Egger wrote:

On 15.04.12 16:58, Paul Goyette wrote:
I think I have a solution for this problem.  Please see the attached

With the patches applied:

1. A Generic kernel boots successfully, with amdtemp builtin
2. My custom kernel boots successfully, with no builtin amdtemp device

There are still a couple minor oddities with this patch:

A. When I try to 'modload amdtemp' it tries to attach two different

# dmesg | grep 'pchb[34]' pchb3 at pci0 dev 24 function 2: vendor 0x1022
product 0x1202 (rev. 0x00)
pchb4 at pci0 dev 24 function 3: vendor 0x1022 product 0x1203 (rev. 0x00)
amdtemp0 at pchb3: AMD CPU Temperature Sensors, family 0x5 not supported
amdtemp1 at pchb4: AMD CPU Temperature Sensors (Family10h)

That's not what I intend to archieve with replacing amdtempbus.

you should see something like this instead:

amdnb_misc0 at pci0 dev 24 function 3
amdtemp0 at amdnb_misc0

Ah, OK, then there's a lot more work to do.

Any chance of putting things back into some working order until you've got it all sorted out?

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