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Re: sqlite3.pc missing includedir & libdir

On 21 December 2011 21:37, Joerg Sonnenberger 
<> wrote:

> Well, the same test case could also just compile a test case like
> #include <sqlite3.h>
> #error Too old
> #endif
> and be done. There is absolutely no need for the grepping. So yes, I
> don't like to help broken hacks...
> Joerg

akonadi's build system is intended to work across many platforms,
including those without pkg-config.

I can change the version check logic in FindSqlite.cmake to use the
..._VERSION variable
version extracted in the pkg-config case, though the broken hacks
presumably need to remain
for other cases.

Unfortunately the SQLITE_INCLUDE_DIR extracted is also passed back up
the build system to be used later in an include_directories() call in

So, I now propose to:
- add additional sqlite3 version check logic to wip/akonadi to be used
only in the pkg-config case
- change NetBSD's sqlite3.pc file to specify explicit includedir & libdir

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