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Re: Automated email notifications of NetBSD-current build failures

David Holland wrote:
> I would say it'd be worth following up to the original post (with
> References: and all that) with a short "fixed" message, because (1)
> people often want to know, (2) crosschecking in source-changes is a
> pain and sometimes difficult, and (3) if coming along a couple days
> later I like to be able to know up front which issues I don't have to
> look at.

Maybe.  Alternatively, we could simply ask that whoever fixes a build
failure sends a follow-up email; that will probably get the message
out faster than waiting for the next auto-build cycle, anyway.

Regarding (2), there is also the option of visiting the URL at the end
of the automated notification, which will display not only a list of
commits made after the failure occurred, but also the results of any
further builds.  Regarding (3), if you want to know what the current
build issues are, if any, why not go directly to

> Also, if the build stays broken in the same way for more than 24
> hours, maybe it should mail to gnats...

I think there are two separate questions here: (a) What are the project's
policies and procedures for dealing with extended build breakage, and
(b) should some of those be automated.  I don't think it makes sense
to consider (b) until we have a clear answer to (a).
Andreas Gustafsson,

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