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Re: Automated email notifications of NetBSD-current build failures

Matthew Mondor wrote:
> I think automatic notifications are a good idea too.
> Assuming the build tree is broken, what would be the frequency of the
> reports?  Also, at most one report would be sent for the same broken
> CVS state?

A single email is sent when the build goes from working to broken;
there are no automatic periodic reminders during extended periods of
breakage.  The goal is prompt notification, not persistent notification.

> Although the originator (currently "NetBSD Test Fixture") would already
> be fixed and unique, it would probably also be good for the Subject
> field to also have an easily recognizable prefix, perhaps like
> "Releng-Failure: " or the like?

Having a subject prefix seems like a reasonable idea, but at least to
me, "Releng-Failure:" sounds too much like a failure of the releng
Andreas Gustafsson,

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