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Re: Auto-configuration question

        Hello.  Really?  Have you  tried to break this and found that it
actualy does break?  I would expect that if the dk numbers get out of
order, the raid will reconstruct them in the proper order, but you'll see
different output from raidctl -s.
For example: 

Not necessarily.  Here's one of the setups I use:

# raidctl -s raid1 | more
            /dev/dk1: optimal
            /dev/dk0: optimal
            /dev/dk2: optimal

The component labels for each raid set contain the row and column numbers
for the raid set they belong to.  When the auto-configure code runs, it
fills in the device names associated with the components it finds at the
time it finds the component labels themselves.  I've seen this work, and
tested it, by swapping drives around on various systems and, while the
raidctl -s output then looks out of order, it actually works fine.
        The case where I believe you're correct and configuration would break
horribly if the disks got out of order is where you use the  rc scripts to
configure the raid sets at boot time, in conjunction with the
/etc/raidx.conf files.  For this reason, I've switched to using
auto-configuring of raid sets when ever possible.  And, I don't think I've
ever run into a production case where I couldn't do auto-configure and it
didn't work.

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