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Re: 5.99.41 kernel not compatible with 5.99.51 userspace

On Mon, 9 May 2011, Scott Solmonson wrote:

But using a mismatched kernel and userland? Isn't that almost
effectively guaranteeing failure depending on what the differences
are, in a configuration not meant for any use whatsoever?
Is this accidental mishap something that I should report as well?

Generally not much of a problem, as long as the kernel is newer than userland. Most of the time, forward compatability is maintained, as there would otherwise be no easy way to upgrade!

The original poster used a newer 5.99.51 userland on an older 5.99.41 kernel. Since backwards compatability is not promised, this is likely to fail as soon as a userland program tries to use a feature that didn't exist in the older kernel.

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