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Re: Auto-configuration question

Paul Goyette writes:
- I actually do have explicit configuration for all of the intervening 
- devices, although atabus6 and atabus7 are attached to a device (viaide3) 
- that does not exist on this machine.
- From the original machine, I have
-       (screamer, an ASUS KGPE-D16)
-       {104} dmesg | grep '^atabus'
-       atabus8 at ahcisata1 channel 0
-       atabus9 at ahcisata1 channel 1
-       atabus10 at jmide0 channel 1
-       atabus0 at ahcisata0 channel 0
-       atabus1 at ahcisata0 channel 1
-       atabus2 at ahcisata0 channel 2
-       atabus3 at ahcisata0 channel 3
-       atabus4 at ahcisata0 channel 4
-       atabus5 at ahcisata0 channel 5
-       atabus at ixpide0 channel 0 not configured
-       atabus at ixpide0 channel 1 not configured
-       {105}

Ah, isn't atabus8/9 assigned to an ahcisata? controller in the
dmesg above?

I suspect the kernel will have a very hard time
assigning atabus8/9 to ixpide?'s since it's already assigned to

Or am I seriously mis-understanding something?

Eric Schnoebelen      
      "The power of accurate observation is called cynicism by those
             who have not got it."  - George Bernard Shaw

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