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Re: raidframe performance question

Conclusion:  these disk drives suck!  It's not a raidframe problem....


I gave up on the first attempt to initialize the parity after it had been running for > 30 hours. I tried to reboot, but unfortunately the system paniced (something about a flush-cache not finishing).

After rebooting, I started a

        dd if=/dev/zero bs=32k of=/dev/wd4d

and I had a 'systat vmstat' running in another window. At first, systat reported transfer rate at about 10MByte/sec, but after a minute or so it started dropping, more or less linearly. After about 15 minutes, the rate was down to about 800KByte/sec, so I'm assuming that the drive's write cache got full. :) All the while, the systat output shows that the xfer-bytes is always 2K times the xfer-ops, so would indicate that something is breaking up the writes into 2K chunks.

Anyway, I started a vi in another window, and suddenly the transfer rate jumped back up to 6MByte/sec for a bit and then started decaying again, and within 2 or 3 minutes it was back down to 800KByte/sec.

Unfortunately, that trick did not work a second time - I started another vi and the disk trasnfer rate continued to decay. After dd had been running for 25 minutes, a ^T gives me

        112788+0 records in
        112787+0 records out
        3695804416 bytes transferred in 1517.492 secs (2435468 bytes/sec)

2.4MByte/sec is pretty poor write performance.  And unrelated to raid.

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