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Re: Strange test failures

On Sat, 30 Apr 2011, Andreas Gustafsson wrote:

Paul Goyette wrote:
There may be other conditions required to trigger this current bug.  One
possibility is that the test-bed runs qemu in a fairly low-memory
environment - 128MB!  This may (or may not) also explain why gson's i386
test bed is not seeing the problem, since i386 consumes somewhat less

I'm running my i386 tests in only 32 MB, and I don't think i386
consumes that much less memory.

Yeah, I agree that that would tend to reduce the probability of memory size solving the problem. Just to be sure, I'll add a

        --qemu-args "-m 512"

to my anita command.

One thing I recently noticed is that if I manually start a qemu
i386 VM (with -m 32) and run the tests twice, as in

 cd /usr/tests

the first test run succeeds, but the second one causes a panic.

Have you managed to get a backtrace or core dump?

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