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Re: Strange test failures

On Thu, 21 Apr 2011, Martin Husemann wrote:

This brought it down to "normal" levels for me:

Summary for 400 test programs:
   2208 passed test cases.
   9 failed test cases.
   56 expected failed test cases.
   52 skipped test cases.

My test-bed has decided to revert to an earlier failure mode after several months of behaving nicely. I have had one successful build, however the atf-run's xml output file was truncated in mid-flight.

The "ticker" output file indicates that things are closer to normal now:

Summary for 402 test programs:
    2194 passed test cases.
    18 failed test cases.
    56 expected failed test cases.
    62 skipped test cases.

Prior to this episode, there was a long period of only a handful of test failures, so the current 18 is still quite a bit higher than expected. Still ,it is much better than the previous 38 failures.

I'm hoping the test-bed system goes back into remission soon, so we can get some reliable results.

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