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Re: miniroot.kmod install fs + amd64cd.iso changes

On Thu, 13 Jan 2011, Gary Duzan wrote:
>    Just one question about this. I've been using a somewhat unorthodox
> method of upgrading: build release and iso-image on the box, provide
> links in / to the INSTALL kernel and amd64 directory under
> distrib/amd64/cdroms/installcd.amd64/cdrom, boot INSTALL using an
> option in boot.cfg, and specify /targetroot as the prefix in the
> installer. This lets me use a relatively normal installation
> procedure without having to burn disks. Can I do something similar
> post-patch with some boot.cfg magic?

The replacement for "boot an INSTALL kernel with an embedded ramdisk"
would be "load miniroot.kmod and boot a modular kernel that notices it".

Here are example lines for boot.cfg:

menu=Multi-user with plain kernel and plain miniroot:load /miniroot.kmod;boot 
menu=Single-user with new kernel and new miniroot:load /miniroot.n.kmod;boot 
netbsd.n -s

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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