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Re: Booting -current under anita/qemu

Hmmm, suddenly, it's working again with no changes from me.

The most recent attempt, using sources from 2011-01-06 06:20:02 UTC, was successful. (The previous attempt from 2011-01-06 03:20:02 UTC failed.)

On Thu, 6 Jan 2011, Andreas Gustafsson wrote:

Paul Goyette wrote:
The hard drive is specified to be 1GB, and it gets partitioned by
sysinstall.  I'm pretty sure it just uses sysinstall defaults.


By looking at the log file, it looks like 32MB of swap.  I'm not sure how
much fun it would be to change this in anita.

Looks like sysinst sets the swap size equal to the RAM size, so you
could just change the RAM size in anita.  Just edit and
change the number "32" to whatever you like.
Andreas Gustafsson,


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