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Re: enhanced speed step on AMD64

Joerg Sonnenberger <> schrieb:
> (2) EST until ~Core 2. Frequency and voltage are tabularised (older
> CPUs) or derived algorithmically from certain MSR (machine status
> registers). Change of the performance settings is done via MSR under
> application control.

While on topic, would anyone mind taking a look at PR 43342? The
included patch adds support for some further CPU models to MSR-based
detection of this kind of CPU data, in accordance with Intel's
datasheets, and prevents some CPU models from being classified
wrongly (for instance my E8400 as a Pentium II).
This is most probably cosmetic only, but the current state appears

(Can the ACPI information be relied upon on new machines? An acpidump 
on my fairly new motherboard does not even seem to contain the 
necessary fields.)


Dennis den Brok

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