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Re: booting modular kernel

On Sun, 16 May 2010 23:25:58 +0200
Antoine Reilles <> wrote:

> It would still be nice to have some sort of doc about that, in order for
> instance to be able to boot a modular kernel with grub directly, instead
> of having to rely on chainloading the netbsd loader.
> This used to work with non modular kernels. For modular kernels, since
> ffs module is not loaded, it ends up not being able to mount the root
> fs.
> It might be as simple as listing modules in the modules section of grub,
> but since I did not find any documentation, I did go back to
> chainloading.

Perhaps an alternative would be using the NetBSD boot loader directly
with bootmenu (i.e. see fdisk(8))?  If you really do need grub however,
the issue would be similar as you'd have to chainload grub.  Or there's
possibility to use MONOLITHIC instead of GENERIC...

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