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booting modular kernel

Is it documented somewhere that one needs to tell the bootloader to enable modules?
And, can this be made persistent?


>> NetBSD/x86 BIOS Boot, Revision 5.2 (from NetBSD 5.0.2)
>> Memory: 638/785408 k

     1. Boot normally
     2. Boot single user
     3. Disable ACPI
     4. Disable ACPI and SMP
     5. Drop to boot prompt

Choose an option; RETURN for default; SPACE to stop countdown.
Option 3 will be chosen in 0

Option: [3]:5
type "?" or "help" for help.
> ?
commands are:
boot [xdNx:][filename] [-12acdqsvxz]
     (ex. "hd0a:netbsd.old -s"
ls [path]
dev xd[N[x]]:
consdev {pc|com[0123]|com[0123]kbd|auto}
modules {enabled|disabled}
load {path_to_module}
multiboot [xdNx:][filename] [<args>]
> modules enabled

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