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Re: Fwd: installing NetBSD/amd64-current on a ThinkPad X201

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Pouya D. Tafti <> wrote:
>1. Is the Advanced-N 6200 wireless adapter supported by iwn?
>(OpenBSD's iwn seems to support it but I don't know if this has been
>ported back to NetBSD).

Sverre ported the latest driver that has support for the 6200 but I don't
have the hardware to test it.

>2. Is the integrated Intel GMA HD graphics adapter supported in NetBSD
>(with either native or modular X.Org)?

No clue.

>3. Is it preferable to install native xsrc from NetBSD/amd64-current,
>or to go with modular X.Org from pkgsrc?  (It seems that the latter is
>not supported by many pkgsrc packages, cf.

Don't know. I install Xorg from xsrc.

>4. What is the status of Linux compat on amd64-current?  I depend on
>it primarily for browsing (Opera and the occasional Flash).

Joerg has a patch that will make linux-64 work properly. This should
be committed soon. linux-32 works for many binaries on amd64, but there
are TLS issues.

>5. Related to 4, there seems to be a discussion about upgrading the
>pkgsrc Linux emulation environment.  But, for the time being, would it
>be a Bad Idea to dump some recent distro under, say,
>usr/local/emul/linux and symlink /emul/linux to it?  Would it envolve
>too much work/tuning?  The pkgsrc libraries seem to be getting too old
>for some of my needs.

I do that all the time. YMMV.

>6. I installed a recent amd64-current system in VirtualBox using the
>net installer.  Following a crash, I was no longer able to create new
>users (the old ones were lost too) due to some issue with pwd_mkdb.  I
>may have unintentionally corrupted something, but just to make sure,
>has anyone seen something similar to this?  Also, IIRC, the installer
>did not ask me to choose the encryption method used for passwords,
>unlike the NezBSD-5.0 installer.

There is compatibility code to handle both the 5.0 format and current,
unless you upgraded the .db file. You can downgrade it again by using
the appropriate flag in pwd_mkdb. Current reads and writes both v0 and v1
db formats, 5.0 only understands v0, so don't upgrade if you are planning
to go back.

>7. Is there anything special about WAPBL or is it enabled by default?
>Do I need an FFSv2 file system for it, or should I go with FFSv1?

I typically go with FFSv2 to gain the birthtime and large FS's. WAPBL
can be done with both I think.

>8. Any other caveats?

You have to choose the right date for current. There is a DRM issue
with Radeon right now that crashes one of my machines.


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