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Re: Installation of NetBSD 5.0_STABLE fails when SMP is active

On Dec 14, 2009, at 4:39 PM, Brian A. Seklecki (CFI NOC) wrote:

>> Thanks. Current from 7th of December crashes the fastest so far.
>> I can't even see a single line from the kernel before it reboots
> At this point, I would volunteer to put the V4 addr of your DRAC5 card out on 
> a public IP and provide a developer with remote access credentials to the 
> remote console and remote media.  Possibly in front of a stateful filter.
> We had to do this for the 2950 r1 to get mfi(4) functional.

A lucrative proposal - if only I had a DRAC5 card on that machine
then why not :-) But this machine is one of my home PCs and it
does not have any DRAC5 card..

If it doesn't get going by 2010 then I will sit down with Martti
and we will figure something out :-)


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