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Re: git copies of cvs modules available

On 2009-11-12 23:23 +0000 (Thu), Thomas Adam wrote:

> Umm, I find the diskspace comparison enough of a useful thing in and
> of itself. I mean, who really likes ~5GiB of shit lying round before
> they've even compiled anything?

Diskspace usage rather depends on what one's doing in terms of
checkouts. There are two common modes of use where I believe svn will
generally be faster and use less diskspace than git.

One case is doing doing a single checkout of HEAD, where a git clone
pulls the full history, but an svn co keeps only the most recent
revision. The difference becomes even bigger if you have more than one
checkout and aren't in a position to do some tricks with git to have two
working copies use a single repo.

The other, and even bigger case is partitial checkouts. Subversion will
let you check out just src/bin/cat, and our build system will let you
build it standing alone. Git does not do this and possibly never will.

(For this latter case, I really hate the extra complexity this adds to
our build system, but it certainly is extremely convenient at times to
be able to do this.)

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