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Re: git copies of cvs modules available

At Sat, 7 Nov 2009 18:09:19 +0900, Curt Sampson <> 
Subject: Re: git copies of cvs modules available
> On 2009-11-06 12:04 -0500 (Fri), Arnaud Lacombe wrote:
> > 
> > I will not comment further on SVN as I think is even worse than CVS.
> I'm curious as to why you think so. While I'm far more intimately
> familiar with many SVN problems than I care to be, I'm unfortunate
> enough to be even more familiar with CVS, and I find it difficult to
> think of any area where CVS is superior.

Well, CVS is infinitely superior to SVN when it already meets 99.9% of
the needs of the user.  :-)

FYI, The only major complaint about CVS by NetBSD developers I'm aware
of is one that's very easily dealt with by first identifying the problem
correctly and then applying some simple wrapper scripts with CVS.

Some CVS branching support can be more painful to use in some ways than
it maybe could be if it were improved, but IMO SVN doesn't improve those
things in the much better way something like Hg or Git would do.

Having been working with FreeBSD and SVN lately I can say from direct
experience that it was _not_ an improvement of any kind from my
experience.  Were I using a FreeBSD release branch I would instantly
toss away my SVN working directories and go back to using CVSup and CVS.

SVN does absolutely nothing for me, especially as a 3rd-party developer,
but make everything much slower and _far_ more complicated.

(perhaps some of SVN's branching support is actually better than CVS for
the way FreeBSD uses branches, but I don't care about that myself)

I did try to use "git svn" as an attempt to try to get the best from the
SVN repo without having to use SVN daily, but as the manual page says:
"The initial git-svn clone can be quite time-consuming (especially for
large Subversion repositories)."  Perhaps it'll be better (i.e. usable)
now that the initial nearly 24-hr clone operation is done.

                                                Greg A. Woods
                                                Planix, Inc.

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