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Re: git copies of cvs modules available

2009/11/12 Greg A. Woods <>:
> I don't see how anything in any VCS changes the administrative costs of
> managing the repository -- size and #-of-users and complexity == costs.

Umm, I find the diskspace comparison enough of a useful thing in and
of itself.  I mean, who really likes ~5GiB of shit lying round before
they've even compiled anything?

> Git will change the whole concept of what it means to have "a repo".

No, it doesn't have to change anything -- in fact, it might make
things easier.  All you would do is have one "blessed repository"
which people can be allowed to commit back to, and any "third party
developers" to use your phrase, either clones that repository and does
some work, or sends a set of changes to a given maintainer.   Go look
at what github do -- that way of working is powerful.

> I'm not sure how it will really work for NetBSD -- I've selfishly only
> really considered how it could work for me as a third party developer.

See above.

> Indeed I'm finding "git svn rebase" to be a whole lot faster now that
> the initial clone is done -- perhaps as fast as the equivalent "svn
> update" though I have not timed either on the same system (nor with
> control over the back-end server).

I like this mirror and rely on it.  So thanks.  :)

-- Thomas Adam

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