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Re: strange networking stack?

Eric Haszlakiewicz wrote:
On Mon, Nov 09, 2009 at 11:04:27AM -0500, Noah McNallie wrote:
Right, well I don't have a switch at this house to have such a configuration with the laptop. The laptop has it's own wireless card and I was simply using it as a way to describe how the laptop running opensolaris was capable with this bridge just fine. Though, the bridge is the other way around.
<ultra 30> ----wired---- <bridge> - - - wifi - - - <linksys router>

hmm... without the capability to have an extra machine plugged in on
one side of the bridge or the other it's going to be a bit difficult
to figure out what's going on. Just to throw an idea out there: I once had a somewhat similar setup, and one of the things I had to work around was differing MTUs used by NetBSD and what the "router" would let through. However, if you can't even ping the router from the NetBSD machine then something else is going on.

I have ran tcpdump in the past, though can't currently as I have solaris on the u30, I will work today on getting netbsd back on it. If I remember correctly some strange packets passed by from the linksys (if any) yet it did not respond or route any bridged packets from the u30. I'm curious if it is a compatibility issue between netbsd and the linksys router. I will update this once I have it available.

Does it work if you plug the ultra 30 directly into the linksys, bypassing
the wifi entirely?


strange, i had to reinstall netbsd because fujitsu scsi drive was throwing errors on the console, i formatted it with scsictl and it's good. the strange part is that the issue seems to have diminished if it even exists at all. i'm greatful for this and won't do anything but keep pondering what it might have been.

thanks guys,


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