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strange networking stack?

I'm not quite sure if the mailing list is the adequate place for this but I can't think of where else to place it that will get the views of anyone that could have an idea what is going on.

I have a sun ultra 30, in my current living situation i don't have an option to make it my nat router, so sadly i'm behind a linksys. I bought a wifi to ethernet bridge to support this configuration. The bridge works fine on my laptop which is opensolaris, though on netbsd (and i just don't understand how it could be related to the os) it will stop bridging packets after a few minutes and will require a steady ping or equivalent stream to be sent over it for about 30 seconds until the linksys does (or appears and does) to respond. I put solaris 10 on the ultra 30 and there was no problem with this at all. I feel i've tried everything.



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