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Re: rcorder: Circular dependency on provision `named' in file `/etc/rc.d/ntpdate'.

On 23/09/2009 5:13 PM, Alan Barrett wrote:
On Wed, 23 Sep 2009, Sarton O'Brien wrote:
Receiving the message:

rcorder: Circular dependency on provision `named' in file

I am unable to replicate that with a clean /etc/rc.d.  I suspect
that you have some out of date files; for example, do you have
revision 1.22 of /etc/rc.d/named?


# head /etc/rc.d/named
# $NetBSD: named,v 1.22 2009/08/03 17:45:48 perry Exp $

# PROVIDE: named
# REQUIRE: NETWORKING mountcritremote syslogd
# KEYWORD: chrootdir

I updated approximately an hour ago and the message is still there.

Not too sure why named was added to ntpdate?

Making ntpdate start before named was discussed in tech-userlevel
after the change was made.  Some people were unhappy about it.

Makes sense, though I don't use ntpdate or named. I had named9=NO due to it's inclusion by mediatomb as a dependency. I just tested with named=NO and ntpdate=NO as well but the error is still there.

I use ntpd and no local dns, so I'm not even sure why the error message is triggered.

There shouldn't be any stale files ... I've updated userland, run postinstall/etcupdate twice now in the last 24 hours.


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