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G'damn raidframe... (was: RaidFrame with unequal size replacements)

Sorry to blather to the lists again, but I've once again been disappointed, in my opinion, by section 16 of the NetBSD users guide. I've long held that there's too much antique documentation in there, and while there are many notations about things 5.0 and beyond, they're very subscripted.

But, to my problem. I followed earlier advice and rebuilt onto a new raid array. I then rebooted from a CD without autoconfiguration set on the array(s), and reconfigured the new array as raid0. Then, I followed the advice of the documentation, and:

# raidctl -v -a /dev/wd0a raid0
# raidctl -F component0 raid0

  After many hours, this completed.  Then, I followed the instruction:
And finally, reboot the machine one last time before proceeding. This is required to migrate Disk0/wd0 from status "used_spare" as "Component0" to state "optimal". Refer to notes in the next section regarding verification of clean parity after each reboot.

Unfortunately, when the machine rebooted, I now have a failed "component1", and no mention of the sd1a that I rebuilt onto as a spare as per the documentation.

Anyone have any idea (1) What I did wrong, or (2) what I need to do to reconfigure the raid array so that my drive is the secondary, rather than the immaginary drive I used when constructing the raid?


             - Chris

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