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Re: RaidFrame with unequal size replacements

Manuel Bouyer wrote:
This is what I would do. It's quite easy, but there'll be downtime while you
copy files from the old raid1 to the new one.
Once done, remove autoconf from the old raid1 with raidctl -A no, and boot
on the new one (don't forget to change /etc/raid*.conf if you have one)

Okay. Well, the hard part of this has now been done. I built a new RAID-1 with the new disk, and copied onto it. Junking the data at the start of the old drive and adding it into the new RAID-1 array will be easy.

But, I do have one other question. It seems that RAIDframe arrays keep their designation. So, right now, my system is running off of partitions on raid1, where it used to be running off of raid0. I even took the old disk completely out of the system and booted again, but it's still mounting root from raid1a, and all others the same.

 Is it possible to "rename" the raid-set to be raid0?

                               - Chris

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