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RaidFrame with unequal size replacements

I worry I may be "in a pickle" here. I have a sparc64, that has a raidframe raid1. I lost a disk recently, and the replacement has arrived, but appears to be a few sectors (143363688 vs 143538120) smaller than the one it's replacing. and the pair in the raidframe.

So, the first question is, does raidframe know how to deal with this? I doubt it, given that dynamically sized filesystems don't, as far as I know, exist in NetBSD. The next question would be, any suggestions on how to fix it? Only idea I have is to build a secondary RAID1, with only one disk in it (the new smaller one), then build a new system onto that, and then kill the old RAID making the one remaining disk in it be the partner to the new disk in the new RAID. But, I don't want to walk down that path without asking for help. Maybe there's something easier I could do.

Any RAIDframe experienced and/or expert people that have any suggestions? Thanks...

                    - Chris

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