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Re: exec: /sbin/init: error 8

On Fri, May 08, 2009 at 10:17:37PM +0900, Izumi Tsutsui wrote:
  | > I think we need to resolve the issue of the location of the
  | > modules before we start adding 'modules' support to
  | > and creating new set tar files.
  | I don't see any reason why the location should be discussed
  | before spliting out module sets from base.tgz. Nevertheless
  | where modules will be moved, modules are already in base.tgz.

Unless my suggestion was to add the modules into the kernel sets.
Which it is.

  | > I am not alone in being unhappy with the current path naming
  | > scheme and location of the modules and the resulting lossage
  | I believe independent module set files from base.tgz
  | reduce the lossage because kernel modules should be installed
  | before userland binaries, especially shared libs that are also
  | in base.tgz. (we can also provide module.tgz symlink in binary/kernel)

No disagreement there.  I'm just advocating for making the change once,
rather than adding a new set that might end up being replaced in the
near future.

  | > (and lack of useful diagnostics) that occurs when you install
  | > a new kernel without the modules.
  | BTW, I think bootloader should warn more loudly (with some wait)
  | if it fails to load modules for root file system...

Seems sensible.


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