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Re: exec: /sbin/init: error 8

On Fri, 08 May 2009, Izumi Tsutsui wrote:
> > I think we need to resolve the issue of the location of the
> > modules before we start adding 'modules' support to
> > and creating new set tar files.
> I don't see any reason why the location should be discussed
> before spliting out module sets from base.tgz. Nevertheless
> where modules will be moved, modules are already in base.tgz.

Both should be done.  We desperately need a modules.tgz so that we
can test boot with new modules and new kernel before installing new
userland.  I'd like to see the modules path rationalised before the
first release with modular support (modules do not belong in /stand).

> > (and lack of useful diagnostics) that occurs when you install
> > a new kernel without the modules.
> BTW, I think bootloader should warn more loudly (with some wait)
> if it fails to load modules for root file system...

Messages about failure to load modules scroll off the screen much too
fast to be seen in the flood of kernel device attachment messages.  The
two-second delay here would help a lot:

> + out:
> +     if (warned != 0)
> +             /* give a change for users to read warning messages */
> +             delay(2000000);

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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