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Re: ath0 not working after updating to 4.99.72

On Mon, 11 Aug 2008 18:39:38 +0200
Ulrich Habel <> wrote:

> I just updated to 4.99.72 (sources from early this morning) and I noted
> that ath0 doesn't work anymore. I found the following messages in my
> syslog, after wpa_supplicant tried to find a suitable AP. The same
> configuration worked fine in 4.0. Did the wpa_supplicant.conf file
> changed the format or is it a real ath0 issue?

I have an x40 running 4.99.72 from ~Aug 9 and while I don't have
problems with the builtin ath(4), the increase/decrease LCD brightness
buttons have recently stopped working while running NetBSD. Does that
happen for you too?

Kind regards,

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