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Re: how to write patch for pkgsrc ?

> how to write patch for pkgsrc ? 
> using pkgvi, mkpatches, patch? I need an example

Here is an example without using pkgvi or mkpatches:

mkdir patches
cd $WRKSRC # like work/foo-1.2.3
cp source.file source.file.orig
vi source.file # edit it
diff -u source.file.orig source.file > ../../patches/patch-xy

cd ../../

vi patches/patch-xy # review the new patch and add $NetBSD$ to the top

make mps # make makepatchsum
make clean
make # to test

You can use pkgdiff package to provide various tools to possibly make this 
easier. See pkgsrc/pkgtools/pkgdiff/DESCR and the respective manual pages.


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